Civil lawsuits comprise several areas of law, including Commercial Litigation, Corporate Law, Employment Law, General Negligence, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury and Products Liability cases.  Generally, when one party has committed a wrong-doing, excluding criminal matters which fall under a different category, the parties try to reach an agreeable compromise.  When an agreeable compromise cannot be reached, the courtroom is the next and final step in settling a dispute.  One party files a Complaint with the court which initiates the ‘discovery’ process where the other party responds to the Complaint and both sides have the opportunity to collect information from the other, whether through requests for documents or depositions.  Once all of the necessary information is gathered, a trial date is set.  A trial can be held with or without a jury.  When a verdict is rendered and appellate rights are exhausted, litigation ends.  The prevailing party is then granted authority to collect damages or receive other remedies from the losing party. To contact the firm now call toll free 866-767-4359.

Listed below are attorneys who specialize in Civil Litigation:

Randall E. Smith
Charles W. Smith
Terrence D. Garmey
Peter W. Schroeter
William S. Kany
Keith R. Jacques
Celine M. Boyle
Nicole L. Lorenzatti
David Kreisler
Joshua D. Hadiaris


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