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When an agreeable compromise cannot be reached, the courtroom is the next and final step in settling a dispute.  When a verdict is rendered and appellate rights are exhausted, litigation ends. The prevailing party is granted authority to collect damages or receive other remedies from the losing party.

A personal injury lawsuit is one in which one party, a plaintiff, seeks compensation for an injury which occurred as a result of the defendantís negligence, or failure to exercise proper or ordinary care.  Usually the person being sued has insurance and the insurance company provides him or her with an attorney.   In personal injury cases, it is the duty of the plaintiff to prove that the defendantís conduct fell below the accepted standard of behavior.  Damages are awarded to restore an injured party to the position that he or she was in before being harmed.  Two major categories of damages are recognized.  Compensatory damages include lost profits, wages and medical expenses, compensation for physical or mental pain and suffering and compensation for permanent injury and loss of enjoyment of life.   Punitive damages are very rare and only awarded for maliciously caused injury and serve as a deterrent to others who might otherwise conduct themselves in the same malicious fashion.  Smith Elliott Smith & Garmey has expertise prosecuting medical malpractice, defective products liability and general negligence personal injury cases. 

Listed below are attorneys who specialize in Personal Injury

Randall E. Smith
Charles W. Smith
Terrence D. Garmey
Peter W. Schroeter
Keith R. Jacques
John H. OíNeil
Celine M. Boyle

Smith, Elliott, Smith & Garmey, P.A.
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