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Most Legal Disputes Are Settled

A suprisingly large number of people who have been in an accident have a valid (and often very valuable) legal claim which they do not pursue.? Why?? Many people fear that making a claim means they will have to go to court.? Others do not know their claim is valid.? Still others drop their claims to avoid upsetting the opposing party.

Ignoring a valid claim can mean losing money (damages) that you are legally entitled to receive.? Most legal disputes - over 90% - are settled out-of-court.? Additionally, most claims are paid not by the wrongdoer, but by an insurance company.? So making a claim usually does not mean there will be a trial or that the other party must pay.

If you are injured in an accident and think you have a claim, seek legal assistance.? Along with easing the process of recovering damages, legal assistance helps result in receiving full compensation for your injuries and losses.

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