Years of fear being sick with Crohn's Collitis I was unsure I would ever be able to work again to help assist with the living expenses of my family. Feb. 2006 I suddenly found myself unable to return to any kind of a job because of the disease. 

Suddenly I was referred to Mr. Conick to pursue Social Security Disability benefits. Mr. Conick advised me on how to first apply to Social Security myself. I did so Feb. 2006, filling out the numerous forms on the Internet site, spending hours collecting all my health documents to submit to them. Twice Social Security turned me down, saying I was still able to acquire a job. At this point I just gave up trying to find a way to contribute to my family's living expenses. 

Mr. Conick was the one that kept me very positive after that., He filed an appeal with the Social Security Disability department. August 2008 we went into disposition with a Soc. Security Judge. Marshall advised to just tell the judge what this disease has done to you both physically and emotionally to yourself and your family. I did so, and afterward left the rest to luck and the Judge. November 2008 I received in the mail a letter from Social Security Disability and was granted the benefits. One can imagine how happy I was to finally be emotionally able to contribute once again to our household. 

Thank you Mr. Conick for your persistence with helping in my case. I surely would recommend you to anyone that perhaps is eligible for benefits from Social Security. 

Mary Carbonari



Mr. Conick is a very kind person. After three years of trying to get disability myself.
Mr. Conick was able to get it for me in one hour. Mr. Conick told me step by step what I needed to do in order to get my disability. Also what kind of doctor I needed to see and what tests I needed to get done and what kind of letters I needed from my doctors. Thank you Mr. Conick I will use you again and I would recommend anyone to use you.

Michele Carroll



Dear Marshall Conick, I wanted to take this time to say thank you for helping me with all the filing for Social Security and the timely manner in which you handled it.

Steven Young



Mr. Conick is an excellent attorney, I contacted his law firm about representation on getting SSI disability benefits. Due to my sever obesity and health conditions I was unable to meet with him at his office. Mr. Conick took time to hear my case over the phone and was more than willing to help me get my SII benefits. Mr. Conick won my case getting me full SSI benefits along with back pay. To anyone looking for SSI representation I fully recommend Mr. Conick and his law firm.

Robert Scroggins



Dear Mr. Conick,

Working all my life, I believed it would be easy to get what I deserved, Social Security Disability.. With letters from many of my doctors indicating "I cannot work", along with hundreds of pages of medical information to include tests results, medications, even a performance test requested by my family doctor, Social Security denied me, not once but twice.

I was ready to just give up when my husband said "NO" !!! We are finding a lawyer and fighting this.. 

After contacting your office and making an appointment and listening to you, I felt I had a good chance to win.. I appreciate the hope you gave me and the encouragement "not to quit". 

The date of court made me somewhat uneasy but as you informed me, "just be yourself", I was, though I was very, very nervous.. Once I was seated and you were there I felt very confident and began to relax.

After that hour with you and the judge and staff, I didn't know if I won or loss the case.. When you came out and informed me that it went well and we won, I just couldn't believe it.. Not only did you present my claim in a very professional manner, you convinced the judge I was disabled more than one year before I applied for the disability and the judge agreed.. (I didn't know that was possible)..

I can't thank you enough.. Though I continue with many disabilities, financially you can't imagine how you have helped me and my family.

One thing I have learned, when you're dealing with Social Security, you better get someone on your side who knows what to do.. If I hear of anyone filing a claim for Social Security, I shall definitely give them your number. 

Thank you again, Geraldine A. Stanfa and family

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